2154. To become a son of chaos, and protect the people, Oca, a young warrior, has to succeed three tests. Ouranos, his master, can’t help him. Oca has to find a building in the forest, then reach the roof, without a weapon, and finally, kill a Howler, a dangerous and horrible creature. Written by Mathieu TURI

  • Genres: Short/Action/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Allocanice – ” In a world ravaged by war, where the air is only poison, man’s survival depends on gas masks and dated technology. In a community of survivors, Oca, a young warrior, aspires to obtain the coveted rank of Protector. Under the tutelage of Ouranos, an exceptional fighter, he accepted to do this to overcome three most perilous trials. Oca’s goal is clear: to become a Chaos Child, a glorious title reserved for the elite soldiers … but will he survive the attacks of the Hurler, a bloodthirsty creature known to be invincible?”